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Results of ISE - EYE European Council Meeting and networking events at the Sustainable Engineering C

The ISE driven by its President Francisco Borge has reaffirmed collaboration with EYE and its European members not only professionally but on a personal level, such as, COGITI, Engineers Ireland, Femmes Ingenieurs, KIVI, UESA, VDI, Young Rail Professionals, EYE Croatia, UK and others.

The ISE’s vision and objectives were presented at the Council Meeting to its members.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education offered to all present and our association the possibility of publishing research in Bulgarian universities, especially when barriers or issues are found in our home countries.

Beside all above pre-membership’s perks, I witnessed the following values, which are in tandem with ISE’s values:

  • Energised base

  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge

  • Leading constructive debates & conferences

  • Uncomplicated collaboration

  • Flexibility

  • Networking as back bone of EYE

  • Cultural exchange

  • Belonging to an international community

In short, our meeting with EYE was successful, constructive and very informative. Hopefully, in the near future, we can become an active member of EYE to further develop our own associations. Furthermore, the ISE managed to secure and/or promote its own objectives and its member’s needs, such as, extending our network reach, building bridges between other associations, improve our international visibility as a professional group, foster, promote & exchange experiences and knowledge.